Premium Gold-Plated HDMI Cable

The gold-plated OPPO HDMI cable is a premium cable optimised for a high performance audiovisual experience. 1.5 metres in length, it is ideal for a versatile range of utilities. The cable's connector is built with an enhanced structure to withstand the wear of continuous plugging in and out over long periods of time. Its crust effectively blocks interference from electromagnetic waves. The fidelity of the signal being transmitted is protected by OPPO's infrared precise welding technology.

 The cable is a highly purified copper conductor, which is ideal for the strength and purity of your signal, with 5 pairs of twisted-pair to support network and audio return functions. High precision copper mesh shielding blocks any interference from external signals. A top-grade solid nylon inter-texture and a corrosion preventing gilt connector ensure this cable will function optimally without damage for years to come.

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