The Green Board is designed to save power from devices that are in standby mode but still consuming power. The unique remote switch (BANK 2) enables 4 of the 8 outlets to be turned off. The other 4 outlets
remain on so that recorders can still operate.

The switch has 2 USB chargers built into the cover. 6-year Free Replacement Warranty. Up to $200,000 connected equipment warranty. The B12R can be integrated into automated home systems simply by purchasing an additional lead.


Product Dimensions: 350mm(L) x 45mm(H) x 140mm(W)


  • Save Standby Power and Electricity with a flick of a switch
  • Simple - no batteries, no setup, just plug in remote switch to side of board (near logo) and all ready to go
  • Bonus - 2 x USB chargers built into remote switch
  • Cascade Filter Technology for crisper brighter picture & crystal clear sound
  • Two isolated surge protected banks with extra spacing for large adaptors
  • Bank 1 = 4 outlet Bank 2 = 4 outlets
  • 8 Outlets -all in the one compact board
  • Data & Aerial Protection With Cable TV connection
  • Fibre Optic And Broadband Compatible
  • Multiple Application Identity Tags
  • 6 Year Free Replacement Warranty
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia
  • 100% Australian Owned And Compliant


  • Supply Voltage240/Vac 50/Hz
  • Maximum Current Rating10amps/2400 W (Va)
  • Clamping Voltage275Vac
  • Reaction TimeLess than 1 Nano Sec
  • Maximum Transient Spike Impulse Current (AMPS)196,000 amps. Equivalent to 49,000 amps using UL1449 Std
  • Maximum Energy Dissipation (Joules)4890 Joules. Equivalent to 1750 Joules using UL1449 Std
  • Protection Modes (all 8 outlets Protects on all 3 conductors)Active/Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth
  • EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter TypeIncorporating 38 separate protection components in 3 cascading circuits
  • Number of Multi-Stage Filter Banks2
  • Number of Isolated Banks2
  • Number of dedicated Outlets4+4
  • Total Number of Protected AC Outlets8 protected outlets
  • Incoming Telephone Line Protection (DC) with Inline Splitter (1 in - 2 out) RJ1 Line in /2 lines out, RJ45 Broadband/Network ready
  • Incoming Television Aerial protection (DC)1 Line in /1 line out
  • Cable TV 'F' type connectionyes
  • Earth Potential Rise Protectionyes
  • Earth leakage RangeLess than 1 milli amp
  • Operating conditionsIndoor / AC Mains
  • Operating Temperatures- 10C/+60C
  • Safety Approval NoRCM5287
  • Model NoB12R
  • Cable length1.8m

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