Great value. Includes a built-in preamp so you can plug it straight into your amplifier/receiver or active speakers.

- Fully automatic turntable
- Built-in phono preamp
- Two speed (33 & 45 RPM)
- Replaceable diamond stylus
- Dynamic balanced straight tone arm
- Soft dampening control
- Belt-drive mechanism
- Detachable dust cover

Cord F-700 Turntable
Great value for money. With two speeds (33 1/3 and 45 RPM), it will play most records. It's fully automatic, meaning you don't have to manually lower the needle onto the record (just push play!). The built-in preamp allows you to plug the turntable straight into your amplifier/receiver or active speakers. Other features include a replaceable diamond stylus, detachable dust cover, belt-drive mechanism, dynamic balanced straight tone arm and soft dampening control.

Built-In Preamp
The output from turntables is a very low-level signal which requires 'pre-amplification'. Some turntables (like this one) include a built-in pre-amp which allows you to plug the turntable directly into an amplifier/receiver or active speakers.

- Power Supply 240V, 50Hz, Power Consumption 2W
- Output Sensitivity: Line Output 112~270mv 1khz, Phono Output 1.5~3.6mv
- Detachable Acrylic Dust Cover
- Dimensions: 350mm W x 98mm H x 341 mm D
- Weight: 2.7kg

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