No other subwoofers in this price range give you so much for so little! This series has -- at an affordable price point -- mid-level amplifier power reaching down to the lowest frequencies, Auto-EQ function and remote control features found in more expensive subs. The EQ-Max series serves up more power to a lower bass range than our entry-level Impact series by using downward firing ports to limit distortion. This series features modern cabinets to blend beautifully into your room, but these subwoofers can also be easily built into and concealed in your own custom cabinets.


Speaker dimensions (H x W x D): 45.4 x 41.6 x 45.7 cm (includes feet and grill)

Subwoofer: 12” forward firing (9.7” piston diameter)

Shipping Weight: 28kg


Cabinet Design: Extended Excursion Down-firing port

LED Display: Yes

Removable Grill: Yes

Auto On/Off: Yes

Amplifier: 450 Watts Dynamic / 225 Watts RMS Power

Frequency Response: 14.6-240 Hz (overall), 25-120 Hz (+/-3)

Voice Coil: 2-Layer Copper

Cone: Reinforced Fiber

Magnet weight: 7.40 lbs

High-Pass Crossover: 80Hz, 6dB/octave

Low-Pass Crossover: 40-120 Hz adjustable

Digital Phase: 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees

Warranty (parts/labour): 2 Years (electronics & drivers)


Outputs: Gold plated line-level, nickel plated speaker level

Inputs: Gold plated line-level, nickel plated speaker level

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