Power Cord

#6 AWG Cryo-alloy buss bar conductors with Rhodium over silver-plated PowerPhaseTM IEC connector & AC Plug

  • Ultra-High Harmonic Resolution
  • Velocity Matched Dielectrics
  • Precise Dynamic Control
  • Cryo-AlloyTM Conductors
  • PowerPhaseTM Rhodium over Silver Connectors

The VooDoo Electra Powercord is a powercord specifically designed to deliver the maximum sonic performance from AC noise sensitive SACD, CD and DVD players, DACs, and digital pre-amp processors that require the absolute quietest and most stable AC current of all the components in your system. The Electra Powercord provides an expanded soundstage with vividly coherent imaging, retrieval of low level musical nuance and ambient detail, neutral tonality, and extremely accurate low frequency response. 

The Electra is Powercord is a hand-built power cord with #8 AWG high-purity Croy-AlloyTM conductors. The Electra is terminated with cryogenically treated Rhodium over Silver-plated copper VooDoo PowerPhase IEC Connector and AC Plug. All of the wire and connectors have been treated in our cold fusion deep-immersion cryogenic process to structurally align and fuse the molecular bond of the conductive alloys for significantly less resistance and optimal sonic performance. The cord body is sheathed with heavy gauge tinned copper braided shielding and double layers of abrasion-resistant polyethylene mesh for maximum durability and optimal flexibility.

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