2 Way Dipole/Monopole

For large home theatre installations, choose a pair of rear speakers that can get you closer to the true surround sound of the cinema.

The DS3 is a wall-mounted surround speaker that can operate in what’s called ‘dipole’ mode, to create an authentic all-enveloping effect of the auditorium in a large space. Or, you may prefer to switch to conventional ‘monopole’ operation, in which the sound from side or rear is more precisely located and less diffuse. The choice depends on the room conditions, the size of the audience and the kind of material on view.

Whichever mode you select, the sound quality is superlative, supplied by a 130mm Kevlar® cone bass/midrange, twin midrange/high frequency units and a Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter.


  • 2-Way Closed Box Selectable Dipole/ Monopole Surround System
  • 1 x ø25mm (1") tube-loaded aluminium dome high-frequency
  • 2 x ø80mm (3") midrange/ high frequency
  • 1 x 130mm (5") Kevlar® brand fibre cone bass/midrange
  • Sensitivity:  89dB spl (2.83v/1 metre)
  • Frequency Response:  85Hz - 22kHz ±3dB on reference axis (monopole mode)
  • Frequency Response:  85Hz - 10kHz ±3dB (dipole mode)
  • Frequency Range:  -6dB @ 63Hz and 42kHz (monopole mode)
  • Frequency Range:  -6dB @ 63Hz and 15kHz (dipole mode)
  • Crossover Frequency:  4kHz (monopole mode)
  • Crossover Frequency:  250Hz (dipole mode)
  • Nominal Impedance:  8 Ohm (minimum 3.3 ohm)
  • Recommended Amplifier:  25W - 100W
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):  249mm x 380mm x 153mm
  • Weight:  5.2kg
  • Finishes:  Black

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