The new Coupe Carry (sleek and cut-down) system has been thoughtfully reengineered to maintain quality yet dramatically reduce cost. In the new Carry Coupe, the "side ribs" of the existing Chordette Carry system have been replaced with a simpler and more elegant solution based around a very high-quality Velcro system.

This new design firmly holds the units in place and provides cleaner lines and a less cluttered aesthetic whilst greatly reducing the production costs.

The Coupe Carry is both secure and tough, and its one-size configuration is ready to house up to four units, providing elegant and easy storage whether at home or on the move.

The new version retains the same top-specification, aircraft-grade aluminium, which is machined from solid billet, and even features a solid aluminium handle, rather than the more cost-effective tube option. And just like all Chord Electronics' products, it's hand-made, of course.

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