Take the performance level of your Sennheiser's HD700 headphones to the next level with the Sennheiser's CH 700 S cable.


It embodies twisted and shielded cable that offers far better signal transmission than other cables. It will act as a smart link between sound processing units.

This Sennheiser HDVD 800 or HDVA 600 compatible cable is a perfect replacement for the stock cables. It is made from quality material that ensures durability to the user.

This easy to connect cable will surely improvise your music listening experience. It is compatible with Sennheiser HDVA 600 and HDVD 800 headphone amplifiers. All the way to the independent left- and right-ear cup connectors, the four-pole XLR plug of this cable offers symmetrical signal flow between your oxygen-free copper leads of the headphones and amp.

It is designed to maximise the sonic potential of your headphones and amplifier. It will offer you precise signal transmission with least distortion.

Balanced Headphone Cable

The balanced headphone cable comes equipped with four pole XLR connector. It consistently provides distortion-and vibration-free signals.

2-pin mini-connectors for Exclusive Sound Detail

The 2-pin mini-connectors for left- and right-channel offer hassle-free connection between the amp and headphones. so that you can hear every minute detail of the sound.

Oxygen-free Copper straight leads

It is supplied with two pairs of oxygen-free copper straight leads that offer distortion free signal transmission.

Gold-plated connectors

The gold-plated connectors of this cable prevent signal distortion, so that you can hear and analyse every minute detail of the sound.


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