In-Wall Dipole/Monopole Speaker

The B&W CDS3 is a dedicated surround speaker and is an in-wall version of the on-wall Bowers & Wilkins DS6 S3. Most multi-channel music is recorded with home entertainment in mind and is monitored using two, three or four monopole surround speakers. This enables good location of side and rear images.

The B&W CDS3 in wall surround speaker offers a choice of both monopole and dipole operation, so you may choose whichever type of operation best suits the conditions of the listening room, the size of audience and the type of programme being played. Indeed, you may use different modes for side and rear speakers, or change the characteristic for different types of programme. The B&W CDS3, with its swing-out clamps, is easy to install in either new construction or retrofit situations and gives minimal intrusion into the living space.

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