C5 Series 2 In Ear Headphones

When John Bowers first established our company he did so in the belief that imaginative design, innovative engineering and advanced technology were keys that could unlock the enjoyment of audio. His belief is one that we continue to share and it inspires every product we design. The C5 Series 2 is a very high quality in-ear headphone that enables the best possible quality audio performance to be achieved on the move.

Superb Sound 

Experience rich, detailed sound with the Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 In-Ear Headphones. Thanks to improvements in small-scale drive unit design, the C5 Series 2 headphones deliver more natural and controlled sound than ever before. C5 Series 2 use a new 9.2 mm dynamic driver, and have been optimised to deliver bass that’s powerful yet precisely controlled, resulting in a more natural, open and detailed sound.

C5 headphones fit so snugly in your ears that you can simply forget about the rest of the world and lose yourself in sound. Meanwhile, C5’s comfortable fit and hard wearing aluminium body means you can enjoy great sound on the go for longer.

Secure Loop design 

The C5s feature our innovative Secure Loop design – cushioned loops that curl around the ear’s inner rim to hold them in place. The loops are infinitely adjustable, so you always get the perfect fit. Or they can be detached, if you would rather use the C5s without.

Micro Porous Filter 

Bowers & Wilkins is dedicated to bringing you closer to the true sound of music. The C5’s unique Micro Porous Filter ensures the sound you hear is open, spacious and full of rich, lifelike detail, just like you hear with our reference hi-fi speakers. 

Tungsten balanced 

The C5 in-ear headphones reduce unwanted external noise, while allowing in enough sound so you retain a sense of place. The C5’s tungsten balanced design means they are weighted towards your ears, rather than away from them, for an improved fit.

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