Some cables are incompatible with runs from a turntable to a phono input on an amp or a phono pre-amplifier. This is due to the grounding being attached on one end of the cable only. This would normally cause a large amount of hum and/or buzzing from your turntable to your amplifier. The wiring configuration in this cable will not produce that hum hence allowing it to be compatable for turntable use.

The Chord C-line is an original Chord Company design with a unique conductor configuration inspired by our flagship Sarum Tuned ARAY interconnects. Like all Chord interconnects, the C-line has been designed to protect the precious audio signal from the high levels of high frequency interference filling most modern houses. The C-line will produce a cleaner, more detailed sound than other, more conventional interconnects. C-line is part of an award winning range of analogue and digital connections, including USB and streaming cables, HDMI, power and speaker cables - all designed and built in the UK to achieve the very best sound and picture from your hi-fi or AV system.


  • Pseudo-balanced Oxygen free copper conductors
  • ARAY technology
  • Unique direct gold-plating technology
  • Fully floating high density shielding
  • Ultra reliable over-moulded strain relief

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