The BasX A-5175 is a five channel Class A/B power amplifier, perfect for powering any high end home cinema system. Combine the BasX A-5175 with a surround sound pre/pro as the heart of a great home theater system, or use it to upgrade the amplifier section of your AVR; you won’t be disappointed.  The key to building a great audio system is to use well-designed components with excellent technical performance and superb sound quality. Every Emotiva BasX component has been designed from the ground up to be part of an excellent audio system. They incorporate the latest cutting edge technology and all the features you need to give you the best possible listening experience.

Key Features:

  • Class A/B output stage
  • Heavy duty linear power supply
  • Top quality parts and construction - years of reliable service.
  • Heavy steel 3RU chassis with milled aluminum faceplate
  • Heavy duty insulated five-way speaker binding posts
  • Remote trigger input and output
  • Audiophile-grade fault protection
  • Three-year warranty

BasX Features

The BasX offers all the essential features that make a great audio component. The circuitry in the BasX A-5175 features a heavy duty linear power supply, great sounding high-current short signal path Class A/B amplifier modules, a trigger input and output, and industry standard unbalanced audio inputs. It also includes audiophile-quality fault protection that’s completely transparent in normal operation, yet protects the A-5175 and your other equipment from common fault conditions.

The BasX A-5175 is built to last, with a heavy duty steel chassis, solid milled aluminium faceplate, and high-quality parts and construction throughout… We expect you to enjoy your BasX A-5175 for a long time – and we back that up with a full three-year warranty.
BasX Performance
BasX Performance

The BasX A-5175 delivers real audiophile sound quality – and we’ve got the specs to back that up: 175 watts RMS per channel at less than 0.1% THD into 8 ohms (two channels driven); THD+N of less than 0.07%; and a signal to noise ratio of 115 dB referenced to full power.

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