Klapp Applause 7.1 Channel System

For the big room sound, the Applause Platinum Home Cinema Pack has you covered with dedicated speakers from JBL and quality components from Denon and Oppo!

The Klapp Applause Platinum 7.1 System includes the following components:

Receiver: Denon AVRX4000 (RRP $2,099.00)

Blu-Ray Player: Oppo BDP103 Darbee Edition (RRP $899.00)

Centre Speaker: JBL Studio 520C (RRP $699.00)

Front Speakers: JBL Studio 590 (RRP $2,799.00)

Rear Speakers: JBL Studio 530 (RRP $1,199.00)

Back Speakers: JBL Studio 530 (RRP $1,199.00)

Subwoofer: JBL Studio 550 (RRP $1,299.00)

1M HDMI: AudioQuest PEARL-HDMI/1M (RRP $33.00)

Subwoofer Lead: IXOS (3M) 1703-300 (RRP $50.00)

Speaker Cables: PRO AV 50 X ALTOROLL (RRP $500.00)

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