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Simply attaches via the RCA ports, and gives you guaranteed crystal clear sound that you would only expect from AMC.




The AMC model XTD tuner is designed to meet professional quality standards for reception to provide in pure Digital DAB+.

Select grade components are utilised throughout the circuit design with special emphasis on components within the audio path to assure stable, consistent performance and superb sound quality.

Quartz referenced phase locked loop (PLL) circuitry assures precise tuning.

Sophisticated surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter at antenna input guards against interference and noise.

Specially selected linear phase IF filters combined with other matched circuit components contribute to the ultra low distortion and excellent stereo separation.

A total of 30 DAB+ stations in any combination may be stored for recall.


The preset memory is nonvolatile and will retain stored entries for more than two weeks in the event of power loss.

A MONO mode is provided to minimise background noise when listening to weak stations.

Built-in RDS function: Provides automatic reception and display of data provided by stations utilising the Radio Data System (RDS) in their broadcasts (RBDS in USA).

DAB+ Tuner Section with Complete Isolation Board.


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