AMC Hi Fidelity electronic component manufacturer are responsible for most high end brands out there!


For the audio purists, you now have a solution which will baffle most audiophiles for the price and performance.




Features Input “MIX” mode: Installed with mixing circuitry specially designed for Multimedia applications.


End users can use the MIXING FEATURE to listen to music or program from Phonon/Aux, CD, Tuner or DVD, at the same time working on computer (connect sound card outputs to multimedia inputs).


All will come out simultaneously from the same pair of speakers with the best possible sound quality.

Adjustable Input Sensitivities for all Inputs.

With True Balanced Outputs for PA applications or applications require balanced outputs.

Special designed passive Tone control circuit to give natural sound quality.

Uses audiophile grade components throughout, providing exceptional accuracy to tone control response.

Users can choices between 1U Rack mountable (XP) or not (XPi) for Various of applications.

High overload margin on tone control circuit by virtue of its topologies.

With Auto Power On/Off by Audio Signals, 3~30V AC/DC triggers or Constant.

Slick design and high quality controls makes this a stunning piece of hifi gear.


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