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System for total 4 zones.

System with 8 Sources 4 Local / 4 Remote mixed sources.

Only RJ45 & speaker wires used for installation form XOi main unit to all zones.

Two ways AMC proprietary digital data communication system between XOi main unit and keypads in all zone.

Designed with cascade feature for keypad XK1.

Volume control & tone control for each zone.

Four 38KHz and four 56KHz IR outputs on rear panel of XOi main unit.

Doorbell and telephone mute system (PDM1) – option

With RS232 to digital link with other systems – option

IR remote control receiver on each zone for controlling XOi main unit and remote sources in the zones.

RCA, 3.5mm mini jack and RJ45 remote source input jacks in each zone.

AMC XOi will work with AMC XK1 Keypad (optional).

AMC XS1 Keypad is optional.

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