The AMC CVT2100MKII has been designed to give superb sound quality and represents outstanding value for money.


The CVT2100MKII is a hybrid mosfet valve design, capable of
giving superb sound reproduction.




Power output into 8/4 ohms.


With both channels driven 80W.


With balanced bridged input module 160W.


Rated T.H.D. 45Hz-20KHz 1.0%.


1KHz clipping power into 8/4 ohms 85W.


Input sensitivity for 1W/80W into 8 ohms 138mV/1230mV.


Input impedance 500K hms/470pF.


20Hz-20KHz +/-0.5dB.


-3dB 10Hz/80KHz.


Signal to noise ratio (ref. 1W/8 ohms).


"A" WTD 95dB.


UN-WTD 85dB.


Separation 20Hz-20KHz >65dB.


Overall feedback 14dB.


Dimensions (W x H x D) 430mm x 112mm x 288mm.


Net Weight 19 Kgs.


Shipping Weight 20 Kgs.


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