Full Class A vacuum tube preamplifer with input stages for Phono, Tape, DAT, CD, Tuner, Video and Aux. Bass and Treble tone controls.


Additional features include direct mode and headphone listening. Optional balanced output module.


CVT1030a with CD balanced input.


Seven gold plated stereo audio inputs.


Two gold plated stereo audio outputs.


"Direct switch" completely disconnects the tone controls from the signal path.


Use special designed Vacuum Tube amplifier circuitries to offer very high overload margin (higher than 50Vrms) in order to handle all types of music with very high dynamic range like digital music.


Vacuum Tube tye of Bass and Treble control.


Modulised output stage offering standard outputs or balanced output modules (optional).


Vacuum Tube circuitry with THD less than 0.03%.


Vacuum Tube circuitry with S/N better than 96dB.


3 Year Warranty Australia Wide.


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