FLEXSON Adjustable TV Stand for Sonos PLAYBASE Black

This premium stand allows you to adjust the height and depth of your flatscreen TV, so it seamlessly fits the SONOS PLAYBASE. With swivel functionality, a wide range of height adjustments available, and a design that suits siting in both free space and in corners, the Flexson Adjustable TV Stand is the most flexible option you can buy. It's also the most sturdy: its aluminum and high-grade steel design is able to take TVs measuring up to 65in and weighing up to 45Kg.
The Flexson Adjustable TV Stand is easy to use - all fixings are included in the kit, and there's integrated, customizable cable management to keep things neat and tidy.

Key Features:
  • Flexson adjustable TV stand for the SONOS PLAYBASE, with swivel functionality
  • Extruded aluminum and high-grade steel construction
  • Securely holds up to 65in TVs, weighing up to 45Kg
  • Great range of height adjustment - up to 400mm in any position TV depth adjustment to improve aesthetics or fit into corner
  • Integral customizable cable management
  • All TV fixings included in the kit


SONOS playbase not included in this sale.

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