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Velodyne subwoofers contain the industry‘s most flexible and complete feature packages, allowing perfect integration with virtually any system. The high-quality crossover networks in all Velodyne subs can actually double a receiver’s usable power and even lower the main speakers’ distortion levels when using the “Subwoofer Direct” feature with the LFE output! Velodyne engineers meticulously engineer crossover parameters to guarantee a perfect blend with any system, regardless of speaker size.

Over the years, the audio industry has shifted its emphasis to custom installation. And Velodyne has continued to lead the way, developing subs that deliver superior sound in every type of system. Starting with the introduction of the world's first remote controlled subwoofers, Velodyne has engineered sophisticated and easy-to-use digital room bass EQ systems; easy to build in-wall, in-cabinet, in-floor and in-room subwoofers; and one button to perfect bass automatic equalizations for music, theater and games. Today, Velodyne has a subwoofer for every application.

To ensure maximum output and minimum distortion, unique “Anti-clipping” circuits in Velodyne subwoofers automatically monitor the amplifier, allowing the subwoofer to utilize its full power capacity without distorting. Exclusive “Dynamic-compression” and over-excursion circuits are also integrated into Velodyne subwoofers to protect from overload and provide extraordinary reliability and durability. Today, with extensive testing and quality control, Velodyne subwoofers are the most reliable in the world.

Not surprisingly, Velodyne holds more patents for subwoofer design than any other manufacturer in the industry.

And our flagship series, the Digital Drive PLUS, is considered to be the industry benchmark in bass reproduction. It is the world’s most accurate subwoofer and produces the lowest distortion bass in the industry at under .5%

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