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Kyron Audio is an Australian audio business that is dedicated to extreme fidelity reproduction of recorded material. They strive to eliminate the resonance, distortion, noise and compression that is often utilised as saleable qualities by their competitors, to allow the beauty and purity of the original event to be delivered unaltered and complete in both pitch and time.

They feel connected to music lovers through their own love of music, and also through a common desire for truthful, realistic and actual high fidelity reproduction to take us back to the original performance.

They take their research and experience and turn it into products and services that surpass expectation and leave a lasting impression on their customers and followers. It is their quest for quality in every aspect of their products, services and relationships that set them apart from the pack, and puts a smile on the face of their mutual friends of music that is near impossible to dislodge.

Meet the creators - Kyron Audio

Weapons manufacturer BAE Systems Australia not so long ago developed a simulator version of its high-tech rocket launcher. The ersatz launcher looked complicated and scary enough, but it had one marked drawback - it sounded phony. To fix the problem, the BAE boffins called in perhaps the most exquisitely qualified experts in the world.

Leon Suter and Lee Gray own this Melbourne-based bespoke hi-fi company called Kyron Audio. They are also both serving members of the Royal Australian Air Force band, and are thus accustomed to weapons and war zones.

It was an interesting challenge for the Kyron boys, but not a particularly difficult one. After all, Suter and Gray had already designed the award-winning Gaia speaker system - an audiophile set-up so precisely tooled that it costs $200,000 and requires the makers themselves to turn up at your door to install it.

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