IsoAcoustics up to $500 Cashback Offer

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If you're an audiophile, you're always in the pursuit of better sound. This quest almost always requires spending more money, but between now and the end of April, IsoAcoustics is making it easier on the wallet by giving you cash back.

Hurry, this offer ends 30 April 2020 and only while stocks last.

Purchase products from the GAIA and GAIA TITAN Series of isolation products, and you'll get up to $500 back. See the list below.

GAIA Series

  • GAIA 1: $200 Cash Back (up to 100kg)
  • GAIA 2: $100 Cash Back (up to 54kg)
  • GAIA 3: $50 Cash Back (up to 32kg)


  • Cronos: $500 Cash Back (up to 280kg)
  • Rhea: $350 Cash Back (up to 190kg)
  • Theis: $250 Cash Back (up to 145kg)

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