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Devialet Phantom is the most critically acclaimed product in the History of high-performance audio

Founded in 2007 by the engineer Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, Devialet’s revolutionary technology « ADH Intelligence » transformed sound amplification forever. The ADH Intelligence made possible the hybridisation of digital and analog technologies, which allows emission of a perfect sound.

Joined by Quentin Sannié, a visionary entrepreneur, and Emmanuel Nardin, a designer of excellency, they formed the trio which led Devialet to worldwide success.

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Free Dialog with all Phantom speaker pairs - until June 30th 2018 (can be taken in conjunction with accessories offer)

Devialet has firmly cemented its reputation in the audiophile world over several years. The critically acclaimed Expert line of integrated amplifiers plays host to the most exciting and innovative technologies available in sound reproduction in the modern age. The newly released Phantom takes their proprietary technologies to a new customer, one that is firmly planted in the mainstream. Holding 88 patents to date, Devialet will continue to introduce unique, innovative and ultimately disruptive technologies for the world to enjoy.

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