The Pro-ject Xtension 10 is now in store at our Chapel Street showroom

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems' reputation among turntable manufacturers was built largely through their value product lines. But Pro-Ject has been cracking into the higher end with a series of high quality turntables and tonearms in recent years. The Xtension 10 is a recent model in the mid-to-high price category and offers excellent looks, great build quality and amazing performance.

This beautiful turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is dubbed the Xtension 10. This new model is a smaller version of the highly acclaimed Xtension 12. Pro-Ject retained most of the design features of the Xtension 12 to include a built-in precision speed control, a balanced sandwich platter, adjustable magnetic feet and a precision inverted ceramic main bearing. The over-designed Xtension 10 weighs in at a healthy 48-1/2 lbs net! It comes with a heavy record clamp and acrylic dust cover included.

The major difference over the older model is that the Xtension 10's smaller size will fit on standard racks and shelves. The 10 also uses a different tonearm, the 10 cc Evolution which is a extremely lightweight and rigid carbon fiber design.

Through the Xtension 10, Pro-Ject has made a very strong case to be considered a serious contender in a more upscale turntable market. This turntable has the build quality and looks to hold its own among turntables costing thousands more. I have heard how form follows function so many times and I just know that was nothing more than an excuse to explain away an ugly product. Not so here. The Xtension 10 hits both points – form and function.

Come in to our Chapel Street Showroom for a demo of the Pro-Ject Xtension 10 turntable today!

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