Convenient, great looking & offering top-notch sound

The Minx Go is a country mile ahead of the regular Bluetooth speakers. It has a quick charging lithium-ion battery for a start: two hours plugged in gives you enough juice for a mighty 18 hours of playback. And as it's plugged into the mains, the Go can also charge a smartphone or tablet using the rear-mounted USB socket.

Easy to set up and use

It's a well-built piece of kit too: solid to hold but not so heavy that it'll make you think twice about moving it around. To keep the Go upright, there's a neat little foot at its base which swivels out when in use.

Set-up is foolproof. Push the button on top of the unit to turn it on, double-press it to activate the Bluetooth connection, and then search for the Minx Go using your portable device.The Go will remember up to eight devices, so a number of people can use the speaker without any unnecessary IT faffage.

And you might be grateful that it remembers eight devices too; people will be queuing up to use the Minx Go. Via Bluetooth, it produces a hugely impressive sound for a speaker of this size and price. It has a rich, warm tone that is really easy to listen to, and doesn't suffer from any of the somewhat tinny sound that many small, inferior-sounding speakers inflict on the listener.

Given its size, the bass is impressive and balanced. The speaker copes as confidently with Kings of Leon's Wait For Me as it does with more subtle tracks such as Tori Amos's Silent All These Years. The Minx Go delivers rip-roaring rhythm and finesse in equal measure, providing a sound that seems simply too large for this diminutive box.

Fantastic Performance

The thriving wireless speaker market means there's no shortage of products to choose from at this price point. But for consumers it's a perilous place to shop because for every good speaker there's a truck-load of disappointing ones lurking in the shadows. This is why a product as capable and affordable as the Minx Go is worth its weight in gold - and definitely worth a What HiFi 2013 Product of the Year gong.

Source: What HiFi