Editor Jez Ford recently undertook what he described as "one of the longest and most complicated group tests ever undertaken at Sound & Image." Over a period of some months he tested wireless multiroom systems from Bluesound, Bose, Definitive Technology, HEOS, LG, Panasonic, Pure and Sonos. Each system was tested for sound quality, its app and ease of use, services and formats, synchronisation speed, wider compatibility and extras on offer.

The results of this exhaustive testing were clear:
"... for our money, there was a definite winner here, for its combination of high-quality app, file compatibility, online services and an excellent wireless speaker sound quality. Bluesound was the one system that did everything right. Its Node upgrades an existing hi-fi system, its Pulse is a fantastic speaker unit ..."

"So in answer to the question ‘Is anything better than Sonos?’, our answer would be yes. Bluesound is better than Sonos."